Photography & Video

A picture is worth a thousand words. We all know this. We also know and understand that finding the right photography or video to meet your needs can be a challenge. We’re here to help you meet that challenge head on and win.

Do you have questions about photography and video? External Communication Services provides   GUIDES and   HELP to assist content providers with their photography and video options.

Available Photography & Video

Creative Services maintains a library of photography and video that is available to the campus.  This library is available for you to search in the Digital Asset Library right here in the toolkit.

What’s New on GSU’s Flickr


Custom Photography

Creative Services offers custom photography for all faculty and staff. You can contact them through the Request a Photographer form. Photographers are available for the following types of photo shoots.

On-campus shoots:

A photographer can be requested to shoot your organization’s events during regular business hours. These shoots are booked by the hour and the cost of editing the photos is included in the price.

Pricing: $85 per hour (shoots occurring during normal university business hours – 1 hour minimum)  After the first hour, half-hours can be billed.

Off-campus or non-business hour shoots:

We also offer off-campus or non-business hours photography for those events that do not fit within the confines of the university or normal business hours. As before, editing is included in the hourly rate.

Pricing: $100 per hour (Shoots that are off-campus, during weekends or that occur after normal university business hours – 2-hour minimum)

Studio portraits:

Looking for a new portrait for your bio or department photo? Creative Services can help here as well. Portraits occur in the University Relations photography studio and light retouching per individual is included with all portraits.  For an additional fee, you can have your portrait taken on location. Need some advice on what to expect at your portrait session? Check out our GUIDE.

Pricing: $35 for an individual portrait. Should you want to schedule portraits for your entire department, the cost will be $100 per hour. There is a minimum of 4 portraits with a maximum of 12 per hour. Lastly, portraits on locations carry an additional $150 set up fee.

Group shots:

Group shots can also be scheduled. This is handy for celebrating the completion of projects, the receipt of award and more. The biggest challenge is getting your group together for the shot.

Pricing: $50 per group. To maintain this price, the shoot must take 30 minutes or less.

Custom Video

IS&T offers custom video filming and editing for a variety of purposes ranging from events to training. If you are in need of these services, all you have to do is request them through the Request Video form. There is no fee for this service.


To use any photography or video taken on campus, you will need to have a release from the people who participated in the photo shoot or video. Students, faculty and staff have already signed a release. The only concern here should be guest speakers. More information about releases can be found in our GUIDES. You can find the standard release form here for guest speakers.

Release Downloads


Requesting Custom Photography or Video

For custom photography please use the  REQUEST A PHOTOGRAPHER tool, and to request a video shoot, please use the   REQUEST VIDEO tool.

Need to know what to expect at your portrait shoot?

Check out our portrait preparation  GUIDE.

Photo and Video Editing Training

Want to learn how to edit photos and video on your own? Great! The Exchange is the place for you. They offer classes in Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. Please note however, Photoshop still cannot cure baldness.

Video Request

All video request should be directed to Mat Munson at the Center for Instructional Innovation at 404-413-4707 or